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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Speeding up AIA 11g R1 Server Startup Time

The Oracle Application Integration Architecture has been released recently in the updated 11g R1 Version.
The name is still coming from early times - nowadays because of its capabilities and positioning it should be named more likely Oracle Enterprise Integration Architecture....

AIA 11g R1 includes several fantastic new features as well as the upgrade to Oracle Weblogic Server 11g as a foundation.
New features include the Service Constructor and the Project Lifecycle Workbench - both increasing productivity.

If you install AIA 11g you may notice however a long startup time of the Weblogic soa server. On my VirtualBox this took almost 15 minutes. This has nothing to do with a potential overhead of AIA - it is simply a misconfiguration by the AIA installer.
Here is the cause and the solution:

The AIA installer creates several data sources and connection pools. Open the Weblogic Console (http://localhost:7001/console):


Look into the connection pool settings of each data source and verify the value of “Login Delay” under the “Advanced” section (see bottom of following image):


The AIA installer sets 30 seconds as Login Delay for each data source. This explains the long startup time because this adds up and delays the bootstrapping.


Change this value to 0 (zero) as a login delay is completely unnecessary with a low initial limit of very few connections. (The setting is intended to prevent a huge mass of logins to the database at the same time).

You have to restart the server. After this change the startup should be typically 4-5 times faster than before.

You may want to know how to detect the issue? First set the log level of Weblogic server to “Debug”:

Change to Servers/soa_server1/Logging/Advanced:


Set the log levels of “Log file” and “Standard Out” to “Debug” or “Info”. Restart the soa_server1.

After that you will notice the following entry in the soa_server1.out
(located in /home/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/AIA_domain/servers/soa_server1/logs):

<Info> <JDBC> <BEA-001066> <Delaying 30 seconds before making a AIADataSource pool connection.>

Have fun!